Phenol Formaldehyde Resin (PF RESIN)

AHThe Ahmedabad Phenol formaldehyde resins manufactured by Perfect Polymers are synthetic high polymers that can be used as curative agents or hardeners for epoxy resins in applications such as laminates, coatings, molding fabrics and adhesives.

From coatings to wood adhesives, they are actively used in industrial applications and experience in them has created innovative resins with varied characteristics.

Phenol formaldehyde are the synthetic high polymers. These are formed by the reaction with phenol and substitute phenol with formaldehyde. Besides polyurethanes and polyesters, phenolic and epoxy resins are the most prominent applications for technical lignin’s in thermo setting materials. Phenolic resins are formed by a step growth polymerization reaction that can be either at the presence of acid or base which are used as catalyst.